Using a multi-monitor wallpaper in Windows 7

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Ever wanted to use a multi-monitor wallpaper / background image in Windows 7 ( or perhaps Windows Vista ), and found that it ends up showing a scaled down version of it of both screens? I did, and for a long time, I tried to find a piece of software that would enable me to stretch the image across both screens instead. For a while I gave up, finding no viable solutions. A couple of days ago though, I was playing around with the wallpaper controls in Windows 7, and just for fun I tried setting the background to “tiling”. And guess what? Suddenly, my multi-screen wallpaper stretched across both screens! “Stretch” and “fit” both seem to stretch the image across each screen individually, so you end up with the same image on both screens, but when tiling, if the image is large enough, the image will actually be put across both screens the way it is supposed to!

So, step-by-step you say?

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Choose “Personalize” ( usually at the bottom )
  3. Click “Desktop background” at the bottom of the window
  4. Select your multi-monitor background image
  5. Select “Tiling” as the wallpaper placement mode ( usually sets “stretch” or “fit” by default )
  6. Enjoy your beautiful multi-monitor desktop!